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Click on cover to navigate to book page on Amazon.comClick on cover to navigate to book page on Amazon.comMemoirs of a Gigolo - My Early Years - (Volume 1)

by Lord Christian Halliday


This initial volume details out how Lord Halliday's early life began and extols the extensive training regimen he endured as a teenager in order to become one of the world's most interesting gigolo's. It spans the period of his youth, up until Christmas Day of his eighteenth year. Having been born into a wealthy family, it was never about garnering fame or fortune, but about providing ultimate sensual pleasures to ladies from all walks of life and relating those experiences verbally to his mother, who willingly financed his adventures and lived life vicariously though him. He provides provocative insights from not only HIS perspective, but from the ladies as well and is quite the unique read as he eschews writing in standard form and relates his experiences in the verbiage that's bandied about in present day society.

The front cover depicts a daytime view of the front of the Halliday Family mansion, with an insertion of Lord Halliday's customized Mustang GT. The back cover features a nighttime rear view of their spacious home and extensive pool area.

This initial volume is now available for purchase in both print and eBook forms on the and Barnes & Noble websites.

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