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2021 Poetry & Short Story Anthology - Oregon Writers Edition

by Anthology Works LLC


Although this project has been placed on a temporary hold, we are continuing to accept both Poetry and Short Story written submissions for our 2021 Oregon Writers Anthology Project.

NOTE - All submittals should be single-spaced and must be formatted in either MS Word or as an Adobe .pdf and must be ATTACHED to an email. Any submittal embedded INSIDE an email, such as including a cloud-based document file, will NOT be considered a valid submittal. Please include in your submission email your full name, your preferred Author's Name & Oregon City you wish to utilize as your "home city" for publishing purposes, your mailing address, phone number(s), and birthdate for age verification purposes.

As with our 2018 edition, our 2021 edition will feature a compilation of original Poetry and Short Stories by Oregon-based writers of ALL ages and walks of life (yes, we even accept and publish the works of minors, with a parent or guardian's written permission of course!). Our goal is to include as many as 100 individual writer's works, which would be roughly twice as many as our initial volume included...a lofty goal for sure!

The printable Parental Permission Form Adobe .pdf for all Minors wishing to make a submission to one of our Anthology projects may be accessed in several places on our website, whether through the link below, on our Links tabbed page, or on our FAQ tabbed page. FYI, our FAQ tabbed page also has a written answer to it's most commonly termed question. However, should any additional questions arise concerning this new form or any other related issue, please feel free to contact us for a more detailed explanation.

Submission Approval Agreement - Minor-Aged Child

Our 2021 edition will allow each individual writer either two (2) or four (4) full-size 8.5" x 11" printed pages of written Poetry, which is twice as many individual pages as was allowed per writer in our 2018 edition. Each Short Story writer will be required to submit a Short Story of between 4,000 and 12,000 words, which is, again, up to twice as many words allowed per short story as in our 2018 edition. And, yes, for 2021 we DO encourage writers to submit for BOTH categories as worthy dual submissions will be allowed in our 2021 edition for all our contributing writers!

This anthology will once again be published at no cost to any of our contributing writers, yet each one will share in their individual anthology book edition net profits through our royalty disbursement plan.

As with our 2018 edition, this book will be published in print form in a highly unique dual-sided coffee table keepsake size of 8.5" x 11" in both hardcover and paperback editions, and will also be made available in eBook format on the and Barnes & Noble websites.

To email your submittal(s) for anthology inclusion consideration, or to request additional details concerning this project, please email our Oregon Writers Project Director, Dave Meisburger, at:




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