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10,000 Kilometers From Happiness Front Cover10,000 Kilometers From Happiness Front Cover10,000 Kilometers From Happiness

by Lord Christian Halliday


It’s March, 2020…the COVID-19 pandemic is about to explode worldwide.

In Moscow, Russia, 33-year-old Victoria’s thoughts are fixated elsewhere; on how to find her future husband, her soulmate.

Her highly successful international modeling career has created a substantial bank account. But, sadly, none of the romantic encounters in her life have ever sparked an eternal flame. Now, it’s time to concentrate her efforts on finding love! But how?

She begins by posting a personal profile on an international dating site, which leads to a fiery eruption of passionate experiences with the one man, her Honey Dave, a retired American, 10,000 kilometers distant, who unlocks all her secret, forbidden desires, many of which she’s intensely craved, but never dared to reveal.

The sensual erotism’s of kink, bondage, debauchery, and deviations she experiences rival those written of in 50 Shades and the Story of O. NOTE - This book is intended for mature audiences.

This book is Lord Christian Halliday's newest release and first erotic fiction novel, now available for $2.99 as an e-book on, with his paperback version set for release on by August 8th...

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